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Travelling is better if Custom is at the check-in

March 2017

Custom Group is going to introduce its TK862, the only compact airport printer able to combine metallic case and refined design. A great commitment that means functionalities and reliability that are unique in this field, together with a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). In this model, there are several innovations that lead to efficient and innovative functionalities, such as the "blind loading", the auto-calibration that - through CCD auto-calibrating sensors - is able to guarantee the absence of paper waste without any moving components: in fact, the sensors, by using CCD technology, are able to adapt themselves to an infinite number of kind of papers and do not need any moving to align to black-marks or hole-marks. Less moving components means an even lower TCO and an easier scheduled maintenance: traditional sensors need to be cleaned with compressed air, while - with the innovative CCDs - you will only have to use a common soft cloth. TK862, in its own compactness, maintains the multi feeder option, useful to reduce waiting times increasing printing volumes, and the configuration for RFID option and integrated barcode scanner to have a product that is already fitted for future features that will come. A strategy that fully reflects a new way of designing airport printers that will have to meet the needs of integrators but - at the same time - also oriented to passengers to give value to the passenger experience.

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