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New generation Bluetooth/Wi-Fi barcode scanner

MULTI SCAN is an ultra compact and innovative wearable scanner (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) able to directly read on smartphones.
MULTI SCAN can perform 4 types of scanning (1D barcodes and 2D QR-Code; RFID HF and NFC reader/writer; OCR-B codes reader), and embeds a camera that allows to take pictures. All these actions are in stand alone mode with wireless recharge.
At the airports, MULTI SCAN reads the boarding passes allowing also to intercept passengers looking for their transfer flights.
MULTI SCAN reads bag tags, also with RFID, easening the "baggage reconciliation".
We are developing the BGR function combined with Passport Scanner: thanks to passports' OCR reading capability and chip's RFID reading MULTI SCAN will allow to simplify the safety procedures at the boarding gates and at check in desks, easening the work of the operators and decreasing the waiting times for the passengers, verifying the passport data and matching them with the boarding pass data, making so automatic and safer the control of the passenger's identity.
The matching among passport and boarding pass is easy with MULTI SCAN display, that changes color becoming green or red if the passenger's data are right or wrong and if the passenger is entitled to board on a flight. MULTI SCAN also vibrates making the control procedure really fool-proof.

  • MULTI SCAN Stand Alone version
  • highlights
    • Stand alone mode with wireless recharge
    • 4 types of scanning: 1D barcodes and 2D QR-Code, RFID HF and NFC reader/writer, OCR-B codes reader
    • Embedded camera to take pictures
    • Reads boarding passes allowing to intercept passengers looking for their transfer flights
    • Reads bag tags (also with RFID) easening the "baggage reconciliation"
    • Embedded graphic display
    • Vibration
  • UHF

    - ETSI standard, fully compliant to the European Regulation ETSI EN 302 280 (869.525 MHz)
    - FCC standard, fully compliant to the US telecommunication regulation FCC part 15 (902-928 MHz)
    - ISO 18000-6B
    - Philips UCODE EPC 1.19
    - EPC Class1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6C

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