PosA and KoM


PosA is the innovative App designed for the latest generation cash points: the ideal tool to simplify and speed up the management of Retail and Ho.Re.Ca. daily activities: it offers various solutions that give a daily support in improving the sale processes, simplify, accelerate and increase the efficiency of the store management but also of the operator, of the point of sale, of the PLUs, of the promo offers.

Main features:
- Manage reservations, halls, tables, waiters and stock.
- Print on 6 production centers by simultaneously using 4 price lists (and the one for the take away), including time dependent price lists (eg. happy hour).
- Activate different kinds of payment (meal vouchers with direct invoicing, cash, debit and credit cards, satispay) and produce daily and historical reports.

KoM is the new app dedicated to palmtop order management in the food service market, the perfect complement to the functions of PosA. KoM simplifies and organizes in the best way the waiter's activity managing a precise compilation of the order, detailed instructions and changes for the kitchen, transfers or increases and also free notes to send to the production centers.

  • PosA and KoM apps
  • highlights
  • Extra modules:

    Revo - Evolved Food Service
    • Palmtop payment
    • More manufacturing centers on a fiscal printer only
    • Negative variation with price
    • Partial bill at the table
    • Programmable Order Layout
    • Possibility to connect KoM palmtops (up to 10 simultaneously) too
    Tobacco Shops
    • Price list automatic upgrade
    • Order automatic filling with e-mail sending
    • Tobacco shop's warehouse management
    • Purchase and turnover data extraction per period
    • Scratch and Win Sales Management
    • Scratch and Win winnings payment management
    CHS100 Automatic Cash Drawer
    • Operator with different access levels
    • It counts coins and bills
    • It prints and shows statistics related to the contents of the drawer
    • It empties drawer and tubes
    • Payment by smartphone through the Satispay service
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 9S0SW210100000 POSA BASE LICENSE    
    • 9S0SW210100020 POSA TOBACCO SHOPS    

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