MULTI SCAN is a portable scanner (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), ultra-compact, reliable and innovative, able to read directly on smartphone or any electronic devices.

MULTI SCAN can complete 4 kinds of scanning (1D barcode and 2D QR-Code; RFID HF and NFC reader/writer ; OCR-B codes reader) and includes a camera to take pictures. All in stand alone mode and wireless recharge.

Multifunction, with elegant and space saving design, and "user friendly", offering an exclusive reading level; a real independent scanner with integrated user display for the remote control and the display of data in real time, with several user feedbacks, such as the acoustic beeper, the vibration, the key that lights up and the display that changes its color.

  • MULTI SCAN Stand Alone version
  • highlights
    • 1D/2D barcode reading (on mobile phone)
    • RFID HF r/w
    • OCR-B text scanning
    • Camera
    • Integrated graphics display
    • Vibration
    • BT/WIFI wireless data transmission
    • Battery powered wireless charging
    • Recharge on printer or stand
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 995ED040200A33 MULTISCAN BTH USB     Options for 995ED040200A33
      • Options for 995ED040200A33
      • 974ED040000002 STAND ALONE POLE FOR MULTISCAN    
    • 995ED040200P33 MULTISCAN WIFI USB     Options for 995ED040200P33
      • Options for 995ED040200P33
      • 974ED040000002 STAND ALONE POLE FOR MULTISCAN    
    • 995ED040100A33 MULTISCAN BTH RFID USB     Options for 995ED040100A33
      • Options for 995ED040100A33
      • 974ED040000002 STAND ALONE POLE FOR MULTISCAN    
    • 995ED040100P33 MULTISCAN WIFI RFID USB     Options for 995ED040100P33
      • Options for 995ED040100P33
      • 974ED040000002 STAND ALONE POLE FOR MULTISCAN    

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