The s' print thermal printers provide great capacity and performance with reduced size and weight. Automatic paper loading with patented "sixload" system. Equipped with paper end sensor and black mark sensor. The printer supports an upgradable customer logo and can print the most used barcodes EAN 13, EAN 8, CODE 39, ITF, CODABAR. S'print-s is powered via an external power supply and comes equipped with serial RS232 interface. It is the ideal solution for applications such as instruments, receipt, coupon and report printing, also for banking operations.

  • highlights
  • focus on
    • Paper width: 58mm
    • Light and compact
  • Power plugs included in the power adapter box:
    • European, 2 pins, CEE 7/16
    • Type A, American NEMA 1-15
    • British, 3 pins, Type G BS1363
    • Type I, 2 pins, AS3112 (Compatible with China and Australia)
  • technical features
  • Printing Method Thermal printing
    Number of dots 8 dots/mm
    Columns 24 (40/42 version available)
    Resolution 203 DPI
    Printing (mm/sec) 50 (this depends on the battery status, type of printing and environment temperature)
    Character set ASCII standard, International
    Printing Format Normal, double height/width, negative, underlined, expanded
    Printing Direction Straight, reverse
    Paper width 58 mm
    Paper thickness 60μm
    Roll Dimension 57.5 mm ± 1 mm
    Emulation CUSTOM
    Interfaces Serial 9 pin, RS232
    Data Buffer 128 Byte
    Flash Memory 32 kB
    Graphic Memory 1 logo of 384 x 85 dots
    Drivers Win Vista 32 bit
    Power supply 9 - 48 VDC / 11VA
    Medium consumption 1200 - 230 mA
    MTBF 260,000 hours (electronic board)
    Operating temperature 0°C + 50°C
    Safety EN60950 2001
    Marks CE, TUV, RoHS compliant, E3,e3
    Dimensions (LxDxH) 146x88x65mm
    Weight 0,370 g (without paper roll)
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 911DE010100133 PRINTER S'PRINT RS232 24 COL BLACK     Spare parts for 911DE010100133
      • Spare parts for 911DE010100133 (Spare Parts Drawing)
      • 21400000000557 DPT100 COVER BLACK RAL9005 433C C221    
      • 21400000000565 DPT100 FEED BUTTON BLACK 433C C224    
      • 21400000000548 COVER DPT100 BLACK 433C C220    
      • 43000000041500 SP MOTOR GEAR CHASSIS ASSEMBLED DPT100    
      • 43000000034000 SP RUBBER ROLLER + SIDE GEAR DPT100    
      • 2A100000000333 DC MOTOR 12V WITH PINION Z=12 M=0.35    
      • 2C120000000301 THERMAL HEAD TTD 48MM 5V DISSIPATOR    
      • 42000000030300 SP PCBA PAPER SENS DPT100    
      • 21400000000560 DPT100 BATTERY COVER BLACK 433C C223    
      • 41000000033300 SP PCBA CPU DPT100 RS232    
      • 26500000000307 RS232 CABLE DPT100 CB9POLI-PLUG8    
      • 41000000033000 SP PCBA CPU DPT100 BTH    
      • 963GE020000051 PSES SWITCHING PSU DPT100 L.VI AMDT2    
    • 911DE010500112 S'PRINT PRINTER RS232 40 COL BICOLOR     Consumable for 911DE010500112 Options for 911DE010500112 Spare parts for 911DE010500112
      • Consumable for 911DE010500112
      • 67300000000344 THERMAL PAPER ROLL 57-50 57MM DI50    
      • Options for 911DE010500112
      • Spare parts for 911DE010500112
      • 21400000000543 PANEL LIGHT GREY ABISTIR 7119 ABS C220    
      • 21400000000559 DPT100 BATTERY COVER GREY RAL7012 C223    
      • 43000000033700 SP DARK GRAY BASE + BATT PLACE DPT100    
      • 43000000041500 SP MOTOR GEAR CHASSIS ASSEMBLED DPT100    
      • 43000000034000 SP RUBBER ROLLER + SIDE GEAR DPT100    
      • 2C120000000301 THERMAL HEAD TTD 48MM 5V DISSIPATOR    
      • 81100000000307 PCBA PSUPPLY DPT100 R1 SHALI-DPT100-1    
      • 81200000000364 PCBA CPU DPT100 RS232 PSU R2 SHDPT100-S2    
      • 26500000000307 RS232 CABLE DPT100 CB9POLI-PLUG8    

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