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  • Self-service / Industrial
  • Ticketing
  • B2C
  • Aviation
  • Gaming


Custom is a Group of technological companies with an international presence and a large engineering footprint.
Founded in Parma in 1992 by Carlo Stradi and Alberto Campanini, Custom is considered a leader in the production of printing and scanning technology for professional markets.
A solid and organised international partner able to plan, design and create its offer for different markets.
The product range has many levels of offer and combines Hardware, Software and Services to supply a complete and unique solution to customers.

  • Soluzioni hardware


  • Software e tool


  • Servizi pre e post vendita


International experience, know-how exchange among the Group’s companies and the diversification in 6 vertical markets are the mix that strengthens Custom.

Business units
    Boarding passes & Bag tags (printers and readers)
  • B2C
    Phones, Smartphones and Apps
  • GLB
    Gaming, Lottery and Betting (printers and readers)
    PCPos and cash registers (fiscal and non fiscal markets)
    Professional devices (printers and readers)
    Events, transports and parking automation

Thanks to a team of 96 engineers, we implement a state of the art Research and Development process, that uses modern technologies to plan, develop and evolve the product.

The know-how surrounding hardware and software products is developed and controlled within the Group, in unmistakeable Italian style.

29 are the patents held by Custom S.p.A. relative to printing and scanning systems.

We develop fully customisable OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) products for some of the most important international Companies.

“Make technology easy to use, accessible and something that will improve someone’s situation in life.”

Our commitment to continuous research into new technologies provides a competitive advantage and unique, innovative solutions.

Custom reinvests a significant part of its company profits in research and development each year.

An important highly specialised service network equipped with real time technological tools such as Custom4U portal.

Other than with the partners who create the domestic network (SCC), the Service works also internationally through local partners trained and coordinated by a unique management.

Custom is growing constantly, with 428 professionals in Italy and abroad; a mix of different but complementary expertises. Custom is present in more than 56 countries with direct or indirect representations.

Other than the main offices in Fontevivo – Parma (Operative offices) and Castelguelfo – Parma (Control&Direction), Custom has 5 offices in Italy: in Gallarate, Mestre, Padova, Ancona, Rome and a network of more than 300 Italian dealers.

Internationally, Custom Group owns branch offices all around the world:
  • 5 in Europe: Germany, in Frankfurt; Russia, in Moscow; UK, in London; Ireland, in Dublin; and Romania in Glimboca;
  • 5 in Asia: Indonesia, in Jakarta; India, in Mumbai; Philippines, in Manila; Thailandia, in Bangkok; and Singapore;
  • 5 in Oceania: Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth; New Zealand, in Auckland;
  • 3 in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing;
  • 2 in South America: in Brazil, in Santa Rita do Sapucal and Argentina, in Buenos Aires;
  • 1 in South Africa, in Olivedale;
  • 1 in USA: in Philadelphia
The Group

At the control of the group, whose asset is private, we have the founder members Carlo Stradi – president&CEO – and Alberto Campanini – CTO&Technical Director.

The management direction is co-operated with Paola Grisenti – CFO – and Andrea Faggioni – COO.

Values expressed in thousands of euros

  • 200111.000
  • 200212.000
  • 200313.000
  • 200418.000
  • 200523.000
  • 200624.000
  • 200738.000
  • 200847.000
  • 200955.000
  • 201060.000
  • 201165.000
  • 201265.000
  • 201369.000
  • 201470.000
  • 201580.000
  • 201699.000
  • 2017130.000
  • 2018140.000
  • 2019155.000
  • 2020163.000


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