Take an ultra-flat Touch screen monitor, with bright and spectacular colours. Take a new generation processor with fully passive cooling system. Take a reliable and fast Solid State Hard Disk. Take a sturdy, modular solution that can be suited to your needs. Take some accessories. Do you think you just built the best PCPOS on the market? You are right: sometimes ingredients seem to be the same, but only a true master can handle them in such a way as to obtain a state-of-the-art product. Custom presents PT15, the perfect combination of design, technology and expertise. You now have an infinite number of working possibilities available.

PT15, calculating power and the greatest stability, for a device that is meant to last over time.

  • PT15
  • PT15 - Version with 10" VGA monitor, customer side
  • PT15 - Customer side display
  • highlights
    • 15" True Flat touch screen (zero bezel)
    • Dual Core Fanless Processor
    • Solid state (SSD) Hard Disk
    • Possibility to integrate the customer's display (optional)
    • 2° 10.4" customer monitor
    • Black colour
    • Windows POS Ready 2009 and 7 available
  • Software
    • Operating systems supported: Windows XP/7,POSReady 2009, POSReady7
  • Options
    • VFD 2x20 display, customer side
    • 10.4" VGA Monitor customer side
    • Triple track badge reader / i Button / Fingerprint
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 935HG010100L33 MMTV POS TERMINAL 15" PT15 BLACK    

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