KUBE II ETH is a thermal printer with Ethernet interface that is ideal to print orders, courtesy receipts and fiscal receipts, as it has been specially designed for the Retail and Hospitality market. It is the perfect solution for the Point of Sale, thanks to its compact and appealing design, its robust structure, easy connection and possibility to install it vertically and horizontally, it is the ideal solution for Points of Sale. The on-board standard Ethernet port provides high connection speed, communication security and clean wiring, solving all problems related to connection distance thanks to the possible connections via wireless on IP address. In addition to these advantages, it incorporates a web server that allows remote programming and monitoring, assuring fast installation and easy control during after-sales processes, thanks to an embedded client mail capable of sending email messages on the machine status to the customer service.

  • KUBE II ETH - Vertical mounting
  • KUBE II ETH - Easy paper loading
  • highlights
    • Printer for fiscal slips, receipts and/or invoices and orders
    • Ethernet
    • Powerful and extremely fast: 250mm/sec
    • High quality printing of logos and graphic coupons
    • 1D and 2D barcode printing
    • Paper width: 80/82.5mm
    • Paper thickness: 63 μm
    • High capacity: paper diameter: 90mm
    • Long life printing head (200Km of printed paper)
    • Auto-cutter for 2,000,000 cuts
    • Dimensions: 209mm (L)x140mm (D)x152mm (H)
  • SDK available for ANDROID: Allows printing of text (complete with special characters) and graphics with excellent print quality.

    "CustomPrint" APP developed by Custom is now available on Google Play, allows to print directly from the smartphone or tablet all the data contained in it, such as calls list, texts, sms, 2D barcodes, contacts, events, photos/pictures and webpages, through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interface.

    Click here to download from the store to the Android APP CustomPrint developed by Custom.

  • SDK available for iOS: can print text, images and barcode(1D e 2D). For Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth version.

    "CustomPrint" APP developed by Custom is now available on App Store, it allows to print directly from the smartphone or tablet all the data contained in it, such as calls list, texts, 2D barcodes, contacts, events, photos/pictures and webpages, through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interface.

    Click here to download from the store to the Apple APP CustomPrint developed by Custom.

  • EMBEDDED WEB SERVER: allows real time programming and monitoring of the fiscal and operating functions of the cash register. The store can count on a safe instrument that can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day.

  • The CUSTOM PRINT SERVICE PLUGIN allows the direct printing on different Custom printers with no needing of development libraries or additional print drivers. Running Android version 4.4 and higher. Easily print from Android applications (Gallery, Browser, etc) when your smartphone or tablet is connected to a compatible Custom printer through Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, Ethernet interface. Control print settings including color, number of copies, paper orientation, Cut mode and presentation.

    Click here to download from the store to the Android APP Custom Print Service Plugin developed by Custom.

  • Software
    • Graphics: 1 logo (608x862 dots)
    • Auto-installing drivers (Windows WHQL certified): WindowsTM XP, 2K3, Vista, W7, W8 (+64bit support), W10, Linux (32/64 bit), OPOS, JavaPOS, MAC OSX
    • Fonts: PC437,PC850,PC860,PC863,PC865,PC858
    • Barcode: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, ITF, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128, CODE32 e Barcode 2D PDF417
    • Virtual COM: Software Tool to create a virtual serial port on Windows PC (XP,Vista,7,8) capable of connecting Custom devices, physically linked via USB or ETHERNET, in such a way as to be compatible with software applications designed for connection in serial mode
    • Printing from Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices
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  • Download
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 911BJ100200533 PRINTER KUBEII ETH     Consumable for 911BJ100200533 Options for 911BJ100200533 Spare parts for 911BJ100200533
      • Consumable for 911BJ100200533
      • 67300000000406 THERMAL PAPER ROLL 80X90 DI25    
      • Options for 911BJ100200533
      • 972GU010000002 DONGLE WIFI    
      • 971GF010000200 DRAWER 24V METAL    
      • 971GF010000700 DRAWER 24V METAL    
      • Spare parts for 911BJ100200533
      • 21400000000616 KUBE COVER CONN BLACK RAL9005 273    
      • 21400000000610 PAPER SITE KUBE RAL9005 ST009_P0301 271    
      • 21400000000774 KUBE RIGHT SIDE BLACK RAL9005 272 UL    
      • 21400000000786 KUBE LEFT SIDE BLACK ST009_P3201 272 UL    
      • 976BG010000002 LEFT RIGHT SIDES KIT KUBE BLACK    
      • 43000000036300 SP KIT COMPLETE TOP CARTER BLACK KUBE    
      • 21400000000660 KUBE CARTER COVER BLACK "KUBEII"    
      • 21400000000636 CARTER COVER RAL9005 PADPR "CUSTOM" 274    
      • 44000000036400 KIT 5 PCS REDUCT PAP LT + RT BLACK KUBE    
      • 43000000036500 SP KIT 5PCS COV OPENING LEVER BLACK KUBE    
      • 21400000001133 KUBE LEVER BLACK RAL9005 275 UL    
      • 21400000001136 SWITCH LEVER RAL9005 ST009_P2021 275    
      • 21240000000331 LEVER SWITCH SPRING KUBE PMML_O_051    
      • 21400000000134 PAPER COVER KUBE RAL9005 ST009_P0202 273    
      • 43000000039700 SP RUBBER ROLLER + GEAR WHEEL KUBE    
      • 9B2GR020000007 AUTOCUTTER KUBE 87MM 24VDC F-P CUT    
      • 2A100000000331 MOTOR 24VDC 42X42SH38 MOONS    
      • 44000000037000 KIT 5PCS PULLEY BELT MOTOR GROUP KUBE    
      • 44000000037300 KIT 10 PCS SEAL SITE + SCREW KUBE-F    
      • 47000000030000 KIT 20 PCS QUICK CONNECTION F190 CLOSING    
      • 44000000038200 KIT 54 PCS QUAD RUBBER FEET S16    
      • 44000000037100 SP NPE SENS + CABLE KUBE    
      • 81300000000062 PCBA PAP SEN KUBEII R1 SHDPT300-SFC-3 IN    
      • 2C160000000312 THERMAL HEAD TTT 80MM 24VDC HEATSINK    
      • 963GE020000041 PSES PSU 24VDC 60W L.VI    
      • 26100000000311 SHUKO PLUG CABLE    
      • 41000000033700 SP PCBA CPU KUBEII ETH    

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